Vanessa Amoah Opoku // Sunrise to Sunrise (Tricksters) // 8.09 – 21.10.2023

Vanessa Amoah Opoku, Rooted Resurgence, I, 2023, Mixed media, UV print on Acrylic glass, 170 x 128 cm, Courtesy the artist and EIGEN + ART Lab.

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition Sunrise to Sunrise ( Tricksters) by
Vanessa Amoah Opoku at EIGEN + ART Lab.

Vanessa Amoah Opoku is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on history, technology, and marginalized narratives within mixed realities. In her artistic practice, she reflects on how alliances between art, science, and technology can change perceptions of our world, reality, and all living things. Her preferred media include 3D graphics, animation, sculpture, photogrammetry, sound, and artificial intelligence.

Sunrise to Sunrise (Tricksters) features works that explore the dying of old worlds and practice resistance through the creation of new memory- and dreamscapes.

Friday, 8.9.2023, 5 – 9pm
8.9. – 21.10.2023