Nassim L’Ghoul // Three Years Later He Was Still Dancing // 21.7. – 19.8.2023

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition Three Years Later He Was Still Dancing
by Nassim L’Ghoul at the EIGEN + ART Lab.

„Under a night-black sky, glistening streets – a chessboard illuminated by floodlights – flea market stalls in the pale reflection of an invisible light source: Nassim L’Ghoul’s works envelop us in the gentle, chilling waves of a 3D-modelled environment, charged by personal memories, yet completely stripped of its concrete colours and textures. We are theatrically directed through sections of surreal landscapes as if by a relentless spotlight. The bare surfaces brush against us. Their lack of haptics characterizes the atmosphere of a transitional zone of intersubjectively communicable and yet elusive experiences. The abstracted spaces open and close, thereby acting as their own counterparts.“

Excerpt from the press release by Ellen Wagner 

Friday, 21.7.2023, 5 – 9pm
21.7. – 19.8.2023