Lotte Meret – AMTSALON

From June 17 – 24, 2021, each day from 12am – 7pm, the former Amtsgericht Charlottenburg opens it’s doors – as a pop-up of 24 Berlin-based galleries. United under one roof, they are showing selected works by their artists.

EIGEN + ART Lab presents on the 3rd floor in room 16 the artist Lotte Meret. With two bars made of welded metal placed in the middle of the room, the artist takes up the video installation “To Fear, Hope and Desire Again”, which was already seen at the Lab in the last year. In this work, Lotte Meret examines the altered experience of embodiment within the technological age by the representation of the human body itself in the form of organic and medical images. In her new work, the artist uses objects which are functioning as a sort of “prosthesis” to replace parts of the body or have the power to constitute identities or forms of existence. That’s why the bars are covered with all sorts of “junk and kitsch”, which, in terms of the own property, can have a great influence on the personality.