Book presentation from 10 – 12 March 2022 at EIGEN + ART Lab

Grandmas hair is sick – an artistic book by Astrid Hamm and Katie Armstrong

Grandma’s Hair Is Sick is an artistic children’s book about parting, grief and hope—a child’s love letter to their Grandma.
One day, Grandma is looking different than usual, and the family’s everyday life is turned upside down. Writing from a child’s point of view, author Astrid Hamm touches on fears and worries, but also shows the shared moments between grandchild and grandmother that grow into treasured memories. It is a heartwarming storybook about change in life, meant to be read together. Lovingly illustrated with drawings by the New York-based artist Katie Armstrong.

Language: English
Translation from German: Hagen Hamm
Book design: Katharina Fiedler, Maria Magdalena Meyer
MMKoehn Verlag