Andy Kassier


08.04. - 21.04.2018

Online Opening - 08.04.2018

@AndyKassier, sunny side up, 2018


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“sunny side up” is the first online solo-exhibition by @AndyKassier.

Authenticity, it is commonly assumed, is a strength of social media. On Instagram, everyone can be themselves. That is not the case, however, as every teenager in the United States knows all too well. Private life is staged; what cannot possibly be in real life becomes possible online. The artist Andy Kassier says: “The Porsche in the street is perhaps not mine. If I stand in front of it, take a selfie and post it on Instagram, then it is mine.”

Kassier slips into the role of the rich self-made man on social media and adapts, for his own purposes, the ways in which successful men present themselves on the Internet. “I don’t care about possession, I care about possibilities,” he explains. “What can you do without spending money?”

By showing what is possible without having a wad of cash, Kassier seeks to criticize success and coldness in the new meritocracy. Just like artists like @AmaliaUlman, he thereby demonstrates: online, everybody is a liar.

Text by Anika Meier 

Andy Kassier is a conceptual visual artist. His body of work comprises self-portraits, sculptures, and installations in which he discusses matters of wealth, success, and the related issue of self representation in our time. He had his first solo exhibition, the science of happiness at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne in 2016. His work was exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London; Roehrs & Boetsch, Zurich; Art Museum Celle, Celle; Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, as well as during the online biennale The Wrong.

Curated by: Andy Kassier, Anika Meier and Marie Gerbaulet

This online exhibition, developed by the EIGEN + ART Lab in cooperation with Anika Meier, marks the starting point of the ongoing exhibition series called „Post-Exhibition“.

There are three options to purchase Andy Kassier’s work during the exhibition:
– Photo as file with certificate. Buyers post the image on their own Instagram Account
– Dinner with Andy Kassier, live documentation on Instagram Stories
– 30 min Online Coaching by Andy Kassier: „What can I do better?“

Please contact for more details.