Cater to you

Cudelice Brazelton, Madison Bycroft, Jake Kent, Anna Solal, Zoe Williams

10.09. - 19.10.2019

Opening - 10.09.2019, 5 - 9 pm

Cater to…

…the potential of productive withdrawals as instances of social and political creativity revamping existing infrastructures and giving shape to new institutional assemblages.
(Kuba Szreder)

…the understanding of the table as the smallest – injectable – social architecture; to perceive a seating order not as a preset of social relations and invitation to vampirism, but as a caring context to serve different mindsets
and digest agonistic menus.

service as a strategy of love; to discard any value system which looks at any task that is related to ‘service’ as devalued but instead celebrate it as the strengthening of our capacity to know compassion and deepen our insight.
(bell hooks)

…the healing of the wounds of binary representations and check box systems and the reclaim of the tools of scarification and branding.

symbolic overproduction not as a form of escapist formalism and distinction but as a form of empowerment and complexity; to apply an overuse of style which might lead into its contradiction.

…the act of exiting not as an act of passivity; to believe in defection as a modification of the conditions within which the struggle takes place, rather than presupposing those conditions to be an unalterable horizon.
(Paolo Virno)

abject and abjection as safeguards, which billows on the edge of non-existence and hallucination, of a reality that annihilates certainties.
(Julia Kristeva)

…the process of affirmation and circulation as multi-faced potentials being all additive, subjective, romantic, imaginative, personal, autobiographical, whimsical, narrative, decorative, lyrical, architectural, sculptural, eccentric, local, specific, spontaneous, irra- tional, private, impulsive, gestural, handwritten, handmade, colorful, joyful, obsessive, fussy, funny, funky, vulgar, perverse, mannerist, tribal, rococo, tactile, self-referring, sumptuous, sensuous, salacious, eclectic, exotic, messy, monstrous, complex, ornamen- ted, embroidered, articulated, spatial, light-filled, delicate, warm, open, questioning and sharing.
(Joyce Kozloff)


Curated by
Marie Gerbaulet
Hendrike Nagel
Elena Setzer


Torstrasse 220
10115 Berlin


For the works of Zoe Williams: Courtesy of the Artist and Antoine Levi, Paris.
For the works of Anna Solal: Courtesy of the Artist and New Galerie.


Photos: Eike Walkenhorst